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a district of ancient Greece to the northwest of Athens

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9) Prefecture of Voiotia v Federal Republic of Germany (4 may 2000): see M Gavouneli, I Bantekas, 'Prefecture of Voiotia v.
11) In Prefecture of Voiotia, the Supreme Court of Greece rejected the jure imperi/jure gestionis distinction, by referring to the peremptory nature of the prohibition of the crimes at stake, on the basis of which Germany was considered as having tacitly waived its immunity (provided for by art 46 of the Hague IV Convention; M Gavouneli, I Bantekas (n 9) 202).
365 ; Maria Gavouneli et Ilias Bantekas, << Prefecture of Voiotia v.
Ferrini followed a similar decision of the Hellenic Supreme Court in Voiotia v.
111) The treatment of this case that follows in this article relies on the translated summary found in Maria Gavouneli & Ilias Bantekas, Case Comment on Voiotia v.
Supreme Court] 11/2000 (Greece), translated in Maria Gavouneli, War Reparation and State Immunity, 50 REVUE HELLENIQUE DE DROIT INTERNATIONAL 595 (1997), summarized in Ilias Bantekas, Prefecture of Voiotia v.
Total quantity or scope: bus schedules (small and big), dx car for transportation of pupils in primary and secondary education in school units of the municipality of regional unit voiotias (annex a-boards of inquiry 1-119)