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a secondary school teaching the skilled trades

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On the other hand, only 51 percent of specialized vocational high school graduates went straight into employment.
Those who graduate from vocational high school and receive their certification will be able to stay in Taiwan to look for a job, which will help increase Taiwan's middle-level technical manpower.
A group of families who applied to Borsa ystanbul BaE-akE-ehir Vocational High School and Akif ynan ymam-Hatip School for the transfer of their children's registrations, due to the fact that they were automatically enrolled in these schools despite them being very distant from their homes, encountered turmoil in front of the schools, as there were many other families in the same situation with them.
Labor Ministry Undersecretary Birol Aydemir said they would transfer industrial vocational high schools to private sector.
In order to determine the reason for this difference, the Tukey test was applied and it was found that there was a significant difference between high school and vocational high school headteachers, in favor of vocational high school headteachers; and between vocational high school and primary school headteachers, again, in favor of vocational high school headteachers.
But the quality of vocational high schools declined and they became unpopular, resulting in a fall in the number of good technicians, he said, noting that only about 20% of high school students attend them today.
Valley Tech, located in Upton, has become one of the state's leading vocational high schools, a choice destination for students in the 13-member district.
In 2002, graduates of vocational high schools were granted the right to attend two-year vocational schools at universities without passing any examinations.
Students attend various schools including normal high school, Anatolian high school, and science high school, and most students may leverage mathematics knowledge both in ordinary high school education and private teaching institution; however, mathematics skills and knowledge of students, who attend vocational high schools, could not be sufficiently improved.
Noting that Turks could benefit from experiences of Germans in vocational education, Ozkanli said that attendance to general high schools was 70 percent and to vocational high schools was 30 percent in Turkey, while they were the opposite in Germany.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The number of vocational high schools has doubled in the last eight years, as well as the number of the students who elect to attend them, but according to a recent survey, 38 percent of the students regret having enrolled in a vocational school, Turkish media reported on Monday.
Other state vocational high schools might also have similar programs, but none of those are likely to be more comprehensive than the ones these four schools offer.
ERIC Descriptors: Vocational High Schools; School Choice; Career Development; Student Characteristics; Student Educational Objectives; Demography; General Education; Adolescent Attitudes; High School Students; Foreign Countries; Questionnaires; Performance Factors; Interest Inventories
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