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studio where tapes and records are recorded

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He heads upstairs to the vocal booth and begins hammering out a chorus and two verses.
As the monologue concludes, he enters a vocal booth and steps up to a mic and says, "I'm ready."
Units can also be grouped together to form portable vocal booth, or positioned around drum kit to tune room sounds in recordings and live performance venues.
Thankfully, after a quick panic-quashing blast of Pacific sea breeze Adele was back in Rubin's vocal booth singing her heart out, praying the end result would make her long-awaited second album exceed the great expectations of such an extraordinary career so far.
The pair recorded vocals for comedy film Megamind, which is out today, and there was a lot of love coming from the vocal booth. Will said: "Brad's so handsome it's ridiculous!
He said: We had a full orchestra and Norman was in a vocal booth. Afterwards, we played it back and could hear a word from him.
The 600-SF studio has four rooms including a lobby, piano room, vocal booth and the actual control room itself.
Seven days a week the centre's two recording studios, one control room and one vocal booth, are packed with budding musicians.
The stars usually have to voice their parts alone in a studio vocal booth, which was the case for Stiller's co-stars David Schwimmer (Melman), Jada Pinkett Smith (Gloria) and (Moto Moto).
"Then I had my vocal booth all decorated with Christmas lights and Christmas scented candles."
His head rocks, his face contorts and he lets the lyrics fly; that he never writes down his lyrics and just goes to town in the vocal booth mystifies Rick Rubin and Beastie Boy Mike D.
The procedure was each of us went into the vocal booth consecutively, without listening to each other, and, listening to the track, vocalised the first things that came into our heads, including any words, working with the existing chord structure.
"Growing up as a little girl, my bedroom was the vocal booth for their small studio.
4 KAOTICA EYEBALL An amazing recording gadget that fits over a microphone and makes your recordings sound as if they have been made in a professional vocal booth. I have a ramshackle hobbled together studio in my flat, so this has made a massive difference.