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Synonyms for sip

Synonyms for sip

to take into the mouth and swallow (a liquid)

an act of drinking or the amount swallowed

a small amount of liquor

Words related to sip

a small drink

drink in sips

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However, unlike the ITFA, the ITNA clarified that VoIP is not protected from state taxation.
For an organization implementing VoIP from scratch, the benefits include fewer cabling issues, lower costs, and easier transition when changing locations.
VoIP represents a high-growth market in the near term, as companies look to cut costs and leverage existing network infrastructures.
The AMI-Partners report - "Making the Move to Hosted VoIP or Premise-Based IP-PBX: Different Approaches to SMB VoIP Implementation" - was published on February 9, 2007 and provides a comprehensive view of the different types of VoIP solutions available to SMBs and the vendors that provide these solutions.
We want every Jinan Yinquan VoIP subscriber to understand that we will continually be adding new state-of-the-art products and services," said Mr.
XConnect is the world's first and largest provider of 'Plug and Peer' VoIP federation based interconnection & ENUM services dedicated to connecting VoIP operators and enabling rich multi-media end-to-end IP communication.
VoIP Correlation Rules: Rules that correlate events taken from multiple VoIP source devices including Call Managers, IP PBXs, and voice gateways.
This service relies on a combination of quarterly end-user surveys and ongoing analysis of activities by major VoIP service providers and provides the following benefits:
Many of the existing discussions on VoIP security are a bit conceptual," explained Collier.
There is a growing international need for niche retail VoIP programs that utilize quality connections over a lower-cost VoIP infrastructure.
2007 will be the year of VoIP monitoring for us," said Deb Garrod, director of IT Shared Services US at OMD, the largest and most influential media communications specialist in the world.
VoIP Logic LLC, a leading provider of hosted and managed integrated network applications, and NexTone, together announce that VoIP Logic has completed the 50th customer deployment of NexTone's session border controller technology.
VocalTec customers will now be able to more efficiently leverage the services of XConnect, including the XConnect Alliance, a global settlement-free peering federation, and XConnect DirectRoute, a wholesale solution which reduces termination costs on calls destined for VoIP subscribers.
Expanding its footprint as a globally-recognized provider of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephony services, RNKVoIP today announced that it will partner with VoIP Supply, a leading provider of VoIP hardware, software, and services, to provide a complete IP PBX package that includes equipment, telephone service and configuration for small businesses positioned to benefit from the Linksys LVS Program.