Vladimir Kosma Zworykin

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United States physicist who invented the iconoscope (1889-1982)


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After the clip, the St Andrews-born presenter said: "Just in case you were wondering, yes Vladimir Zworykin was indeed one of the early pioneers of television, but it was a Scotsman who actually first transmitted moving images in the 1920s."
From Finnish architect Alvar Aalto to Russian-American inventor of the kinescope Vladimir Zworykin, this ten-volume set, edited by Gorman (Texas State U.), profiles approximately 1300 influential men and women of the 20th century in standardly-formatted alphabetical entries, each of which includes a brief summary of the individual's primary claim to fame; birth and (where applicable) death date and place; other names by which the individual was known; an essay describing the individual's early life, life's works, and significance; and a guide to further readings.
Farusworth (Jimmi Simpson) and his team, allowing stymied, RCA-funded engineer Vladimir Zworykin (Bruce McKenzie) to make the crucial breakthrough and RCA, after a legal battle, to claim the patent.
From American meteorologist Cleveland Abbe (1838-1916) to Russian-American physicist and electrical engineer Vladimir Zworykin (1889-1982), this biographical encyclopedia profiles some 1000 scientists from all scientific disciplines--including anthropology, astronomy, biochemistry, biology, botany, chemistry, ecology, engineering, genetics, mathematics, medicine, microbiology, oceanography, physics, virology, and zoology--as far back as 600 BC.
Coming from an engineering background helped in the sense that I only got anxious when interviewing such luminaries as Vladimir Zworykin or Peter Goldmark.