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Synonyms for hyaluronidase

an enzyme (trade name Hyazyme) that splits hyaluronic acid and so lowers its viscosity and increases the permeability of connective tissue and the absorption of fluids

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"When attempting to remove smaller or partial amounts of HA implant," he added, "I often dilute Vitrase with normal saline to go from 20 U/0.1 cc to 10 U/0.1 cc or less."
A highly purified ovine hyalase (Vitrase) has been developed for clinical use.2 phase III randomized controlled trials have shown that a single intravireal injection of vitrase is safe and demonstrated efficacy in aiding clearance of vitreous hemorrhage.
Pooled efficacy results from 2 multinational randomized controlled clinical trials of single intravitreal injection of highly purified Ovine Hyalase (vitrase) for management of vitreous hemorrhage.
(47-48) Vitrase is an approved product using an ovine source of hyaluronidase.
The Vitrase 6,200-unit single-dose vial was discontinued, although Vitrase is still available in 200-U/mL vials.
However, the drug - Vitrase - has just failed its US Government tests.
Vitrase did, however, enable patients to see more clearly.
There are two hyaluronidase options in the United States: Vitrase, an ovine formulation, and Hylenex, a recombinant human formulation.
Shares in the company have slumped worryingly since the announcement this week that the conclusion of the third phase of the clinical trials on the Vitrase drug in the US had been postponed.
Vitrase is an injectable drug designed to induce the clearing of vitreous hemorrhage, or bleeding into the back portion of the eye, in less time than is normally required for clearing to occur on its own so that the ophthalmologist can treat the underlying problem.