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Regarding the pollination of Vitis species, several theories have been proposed, varying from insect pollination to self-pollination, depending on the cultivar (PRATT, 1971).
Given that the majority of the world's rootstocks are derived from only three Vitis species, namely V.
Belonging to different Vitis species, grape rootstocks show variations in their mineral element reserves in the canes, which might play a role in their rooting capacity.
Studies on flower types and pollination properties of some Vitis species and cultivars used as rootstocks.
Vitis species grow so thickly in parts of Oklahoma that they kill elms and hackberries, effectively changing the plant community (Penfound, 1966).
The first phase that predominantly focused on the determination of chromosome number started with the finding of two Vitis species (OLMO, 1937) and has continued until now mainly regarding the detection of chromosome duplication, which either may appear spontaneously, or might be induced by chemical agents or may also appear in plants regenerated through tissue culture (KUKSOVA et al.
More successful results of vine grafting to phylloxera-resistant rootstocks rapidly followed, with employment of native American Vitis species of consequence (V.
Green grafting technique has many advantages such as easiness for application, relatively higher success rate and capability of overcoming the graft incompatibility sometimes experienced between distantly related Vitis species (Bouquet and Hevin, 1978; Sabir and Kara, 2004).
While other Vitis species have been used in rootstock breeding programs, these three were the most important.
The southeast region of North America is especially rich in wild Vitis species (OLMO, 1979).
the outdoor cage choice screening studies included 32 grape cultivars from various Vitis species.
After a couple of hours' lecture in the cool of the field house, we went out into the field to view a number of American Vitis species and rootstocks "on the hoof.
V2 Peter Cousins--NY State Agricultrual Experiment Station, Geneva, Resistance in Vitis Species to Meloidogyne incognita.