Vitis labrusca

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native grape of northeastern United States

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Considering the large market associated with Vitis labrusca grapes in Brazil, the lack of literature on its wine composition and on the relevant topic of food safety, the objectives of the present research were (1) to identify the amino acid and bioactive amines profile of Brazilian common wines and to correlate amine levels to physical and chemical parameters; (2) to classify wine samples according to their geographical origin through amino acid and bioactive amine contents.
However, if the grape is of vitis labrusca origins, the wine is classified as a varietal if 51% or more of the wine is made from a single grape and all of the grapes are grown in the region specified on the label (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, 2012c).
The scientific problem raised was the lack of technological information obtained with scientific methodology for the development of common white wine, Vitis labrusca varieties: NR or IT cultivated in Misiones, using inocula of yeasts.
14) avaliaram as cultivares de Vitis vinifera e Vitis labrusca, e observaram uma associacao positiva entre o conteudo de antocianinas e a capacidade antioxidante pelo metodo de sequestro de radicais livres do DPPH.
Chambourcin crosses designated viticultural area (DVA) hybrid Marechal Foch phylloxera Seyval Blanc Vidal Blanc Vitis labrusca Vitis riparia Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA)
Twenty percent of all fully expanded leaves of Vitis labrusca grapevines were mechanically damaged during bloom, during veraison (berry ripening), or during bloom and veraison.
However, approximately 80% of this acreage is planted with Vitis labrusca (primarily Concord and Niagara), which are utilized by the grape juice industry.
As Vitis labrusca receberam um tratamento adicional (T5), constando da retirada de todas das folhas localizadas acima dos cachos, mantendo-se as demais.