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Regarding the pollination of Vitis species, several theories have been proposed, varying from insect pollination to self-pollination, depending on the cultivar (PRATT, 1971).
vitis is often transmitted through the vegetative propagation of infected asymptomatic grapevines.
This reflection is also seen in the evolution of Vitis vinifera and resistant cultivar acreage since 1970.
Factors influencing induction and maintenance of Vitis rotundifolia Michx.
Vitis PR's current client base incorporates a variety of technology businesses including online retail, smart home devices, telecoms, pen source software and information security.
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration of Vitis vinifera cultivars 'Macabeo' and 'Tempranillo.
Sociologists, geographers, scholars of business, and other contributors explore the production, promotion, consumption, and locations of wine in New Zealand since the 1980s, when the wine industry there began to shift from adulterated, fortified, and/or light sweet wines to French-oriented Vitis vinifera wines.
But new opportunities are also presenting themselves: areas in Europe and the Americas that could not successfully produce vitis vinifera grapes are becoming important players in the new world of wine.
A group of noninfective leafhoppers were fed on healthy grapevines, Vitis vinifera cv.
Asi, se establecio el Programa Internacional sobre el Genoma de la Uva cuyo objetivo principal fue la secuenciacion del ADN de la uva Vitis vinifera (www.
En el genero Vitis se reconocen dos tipos de apirenia (variedades sin semilla): una que ocurre por partenocarpia, en la cual el fruto se forma sin polinizacion ni fertilizacion, y otra, mas generalizada, que es producto de la estenospermia, es decir, del aborto de los embriones al inicio del desarrollo del fruto (Kanamadi et al.
negotiations on the Armenia-EU and Ukraine-EU Association Agreements, Vitis Yurkonis, lecturer at the Institute of International
The researchers examined the effect of GSSE processed from a grape cultivar ('Carignan') of Vitis vinifera from northern Tunisia on rats.