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VEP is a potential change recorded in the visual cortex after retinal received light stimulation, which reflects the functional status of the entire visual pathway. VEP latency is less likely to be affected by dopaminergic drugs and seems to be a more sensitive measure of foveal electrical activity than VEP amplitude.
Visual-evoked potential (VEP) recordings represent a mass response of cortical and probably subcortical visual areas, and are used to assess the functional integrity of the visual pathway (2).
The visual system in diabetics undergoes subtle functional changes long before the clinically evident structural alterations in the retina and in visual pathways. In this study, affection of the visual functions was detected by recording VEPs in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus without chronic complications and in healthy controls and comparing the records in the two groups.
To not miss unilateral defects in the visual pathway, monocular stimulation is recommended in adults [10].
Therefore, it only tests continuity of the visual pathways. The full-field pattern reversal is used as a usual stimulus for VEP, as each eye is examined individually and especially the anterior visual pathways are evaluated well.
Below, we will discuss separately the involvement of image-forming and non-image-forming visual pathways in the integration of multimodal sensory information for the development of a conscious perception.
Dysconnectivity in the sensorimotor and visual pathways has been consistently reported in patients with schizophrenia, and it has been associated with behavioral and psychological symptoms of the disease.
(7, 10) Central visual pathways transmit the visual input in a parallel manner via the 2 main magnocellular and parvocellular pathways.
Encouraging data from tailored resection in OLE seem to have important implications for the decision making and the expected quantitative damage to the visual pathways [9, 23, 24, 28].
Damien Fair, PA-C, PhD, and his colleagues found stronger connectivity of early visual pathways in the brains of monkeys given high-DHA diets as well as increased connections within brain networks similar to those found in humans, including those related to cognition and higher-level processing.
"The fact that the visual pathways for blind people are blocked doesn't mean that their brains don't function," Amedi said in a recent TED talk in Jerusalem.
Bouras et al., "Atypical form of Alzheimer's disease with prominent posterior cortical atrophy: a review of lesion distribution and circuit disconnection in cortical visual pathways," Vision Research, vol.