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Electro physiological assessment of neuropathy in visual pathway of diabetes mellitus.
To determine its correlation with potential clinical symptoms of ASD, we therefore planned to investigate neural transmission within the visual system using VEP as an index of the myelination process of the visual pathway and its correlation to the clinical severity of autism.
A total of ten interval measurements were made examining the changes related to the visual pathway, the incisura, and the foramen magnum.
The changes in VEP reflect functional damage in the visual pathway of PD patients.
Neural conduction in visual pathways in newly-diagnosed IDDM patients.
Therefore, it only tests continuity of the visual pathways. The full-field pattern reversal is used as a usual stimulus for VEP, as each eye is examined individually and especially the anterior visual pathways are evaluated well.
Image-Forming Visual Pathway. Visual pathway has been considered as divided into two streams: dorsal (or parietal) stream and temporal (or ventral) stream.
To not miss unilateral defects in the visual pathway, monocular stimulation is recommended in adults [10].
Optic nerve astrocytomas (ONAs) usually affect the visual pathway, mainly in the pediatric age group.
[2-4] Impulse transmission in the visual pathway might be affected by ID.
For example, patients with schizophrenia have shown decreased interhemispheric coherence compared to normal controls.[sup][3],[4] Studies have also shown that coordination defects in the bilateral visual pathway were associated with a reduction of the schizophrenia patients' abilities to process vocabulary.[sup][5],[6]
Majority of the cases have visual impairment due to anterior visual pathway disorders.
He could go blind if the bullet hits the visual pathway in his brain and if it hits the brainstem, the area that keeps us awake, he could die.
He could go blind if it hits the visual pathway in his brain or paralyse him if it hits motor pathways.
When Nicole Agar was just four months old, her parents, Lyndsay and Andrew, from Ferryhill, were devastated to discover that she had a visual pathway glioma tumour -- a brain tumour which kept her on chemotherapy for the first six years of her life.