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a member of the western group of Goths who sacked Rome and created a kingdom in present-day Spain and southern France

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They create a set of contrasting foils between Rodrigo, the last Visigothic king, and the Umayyad caliph, Khalid ibn al-Walid.
12) Eric Griffin argues that the character of Roderigo, given the resonance of his Spanish name, was bound to evoke simultaneously Roderick, the last Visigothic king whose lust and weakness occasioned the downfall of Visigothic Hispania, and the national medieval hero, Rodrigo, or El Cid, the Moor killer.
For instance, as a point of departure, she collapses the religious reforms that emerged from the Council of Trent (1545-1563) with Philip Il's monumental compilation in 1569 of more than 4000 royal laws, edicts, pragmatics and provisions, some going back to the Visigothic era: "The Counter Reformation in Spain was mobilized and implemented in no small part by means of a new legal code, the Nueva Recopilacion de las leyes de estos reynos [.
Early in the eighth century, the Muslim Umayyad Caliphate advanced from its conquests of Syria, Egypt, and North Africa into Visigothic Spain, which they largely overran.
711: Berber Islamic troops begin a successful invasion of Visigothic Hispania under Tariq ibn Ziyad: their first landing point will later be named in his honour as Jebel Tariq - Tariq's mountain - which passes into Spanish as Gibraltar.
It is also the case that there was no local precedent for a marketplace inspector resembling the Roman aedile in the Iberian peninsula in the late Visigothic period.
A Collection of Letters from Visigothic Gaul, Liverpool, 1999.
I'm not quite sure how many Roman soldiers it took to get one outside the wire, but, like us, their inefficiency and overextension created a market for a Visigothic Blackwater.
Visigothic goldwork and gemstones of the 7th century", A.
The crozier came in Visigothic Spain in the 7th century and in Gaul in the 8th.
Fourth is the fact that a number of the laws in the Theodosian Code that attempt to stop curials from evading municipal service (for instance, by fleeing to another city or obtaining an undeserved exemption) are echoed in the Breviarium of the Visigothic king Alaric II, promulgated in 506.
lt;<Historiography in Visigothic Spain>> En La storiografia altomedievale.
Chapter Two surveys the use of peace in the political vocabularies of the barbarian rulers of Vandal North Africa, Gibichung Burgundy, Ostrogothic Italy, Visigothic Spain, and Merovingian Francia, with a digression on the notions of peace found in the works of Pope Gregory the Great.
There is also the mishmash or worse that results when an individual favors whatever bits of tradition happen to favor his mood, inclinations, or political program and he puts the bits together; such phenomena can range from secular bar mitzvahs to Visigothic blessings of same-sex unions conducted by Anglican bishops.
Although the Toledan manuscripts were retained in the archives, they contained only "silent music"--the Visigothic neumes could not be realized in actual performance and were not the basis of the neo-Mozarabic rite.