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a Cox-2 inhibitor (trade name Vioxx) that relieves pain and inflammation without harming the digestive tract

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20 January 2012 - Merck & Co Inc (NYSE:MRK) said on Thursday that it had signed an agreement to settle all claims related to its Vioxx drug in Canada.
Quoting Merck employees in internal documents calling ADVANTAGE a seeding trial and detailing its origins in the company's marketing division, the researchers concluded that the clinical trial "was actually a sophisticated marketing tool designed to allow optimal 'seeding' of positive experiences with Vioxx among customers--primary care physicians--before its approval.
Mr Cummings, a former army instructor and policeman, began a course of Vioxx after suffering with arthritis.
Kerins also says allegations by some industry insiders that Sheares was forced out in the wake of the Vioxx lawsuits are "completely false.
CITATION: Drug Recall Litigation Reporter (Andrews Publication), Volume 10, issue 04, Tuesday, September 26, 2006 (byline of Ronald V Baker, Andrews Staff Writer); see also In re Vioxx Products Liability Litigation, 2006 WL 2504353 (E.
The company's admission is expected to play a key role in lawsuits from patients who say that Vioxx caused their heart attacks and strokes.
The exoneration followed a Texas jury's decision in August to award the widow of a Vioxx user $253 million in damages.
Almost everyone is now aware of the fact that Celebrex and Vioxx, two prescription pain medications primarily intended to help arthritis sufferers, have recently come under tough scrutiny and were almost pulled from the market because their use substantially increases the risks of serious complications--such as heart attacks, strokes, and cardiovascular disorders.
The massive damages handed out by a Texas jury to a wife whose husband died after taking the painkiller Vioxx has opened the flood gates for similar claims around the world.
Anne Fowler, from Llanbedr, near Harlech, said she suffered an enlarged heart after taking Vioxx to treat severe arthritis.
pay more than a quarter of a billion dollars in damages to the widow of a man who died after taking the painkiller Vioxx - even though Vioxx probably didn't cause his death.
She blamed their painkiller Vioxx for husband Robert's early death.
IRISH law firms are preparing to sue pharmaceutical giants Merck after it was found their painkiller Vioxx was linked to an increased risk of heart disease.