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British historian (born in Russia) (1854-1925)

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It said in a statement that the US cruiser "suddenly changed direction and crossed the path of Admiral Vinogradov," forcing the crew of the Russian ship to make a quick manoeuvre to avoid collision.
cruiser "suddenly changed direction and crossed the path of Admiral Vinogradov just 50 meters (165 feet) away," forcing the crew of the Russian ship to make a quick maneuver to avoid collision.
"Today, at 6:35 am Moscow time (3:35 GMT) while the Russian sea detachment of the Pacific Fleet moved along with the US carrier attack group, the USS Chancellorsville suddenly changed its course and crossed the path of the Russian destroyer Admiral Vinogradov just 50 metres away from the ship," the Russian news agency quoted a statement issued by the fleet as saying.
Instead, it blamed the Admiral Vinogradov for accelerating at Chancellorsville while it was waiting for its helicopter to land onboard.
"The US guided-missile cruiser Chancellorsville suddenly changed course and cut across the path of the destroyer Admiral Vinogradov coming within 50 metres of the ship," the statement said.
The arrival of the ships, the Admiral Vinogradov, the Admiral Tributs and the Irkut, coincides with the annual US-Philippines Balikatan military exercises, raising questions over the timing of the visit.
Zata, the Director of the Naval Public Affairs Office, said large anti-submarine ships Admiral Tributs and Vinogradov, and large sea tanker Irkut, will be at Pier 15, South Harbor, Manila at 9 a.m.
The Denniacutek N daily identified him as Alexander Nikolaevich Vinogradov.
Alexandr Vinogradov, co-author of the research explains that 'europium-doped zirconium dioxide is a material that has been studied and used by researchers all over the world for decades.
As Russian cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov has told the Russian news agency NSN, "Going to space is physically hard work, even for very strong men.
The fleet for the drills comprised anti-submarine warfare ship Admiral Vinogradov, the oceanic rescue vessel Fotiy Krylov and the tanker Irkut.
The silica nanoparticles also create a polymer network when exposed to air, explains Alexander Vinogradov, Laboratory Deputy Head.
Vinogradov, Deputy Director of the Department of Law and International Cooperation at the Russian Ministry of Justice, and included other senior officials.
Space Station crew lands after 166 days in space Expedition 36 crew members Chris Cassidy of NASA and Pavel Vinogradov and Alexander Misurkin of the Russian Federal Space Agency have returned to Earth from the International Space Station, landing safely in Kazakhstan at 10:58 p.m.