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British historian (born in Russia) (1854-1925)

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Aristotle theorized the Greek practice (Vinogradoff 1922, 63-69).
Evolution: The Story Of An Idea 89-90 (1980); Paul Vinogradoff, The
By the sixteenth century, great Enlightenment upheavals were at work in Britain and on the European Continent, where "[t]he political and legal fabric of feudalism, the authority of the medieval Church, and the comprehensive system of scholastic philosophy, were found equally wanting, and modern thought made its way into all spheres of life." (19) Vinogradoff describes the work of prominent sixteenth century jurists to illuminate the jurisdictional power struggle between the English Chancery and Ecclesiastical courts, against the King's Common Law courts.
(79) Aussi la doctrine anglaise se plaint-elle des memes maux : << The word which occurs most frequently in legal speech is right, and yet it proves on investigation to be elusive in its meaning >> [italiques dans l'original] (Paul Vinogradoff, << The Foundations of a Theory of Rights >> (1924) 34 Yale LJ 60 a la p 60).
XII: Proceedings Against the Crown (1216-1377), in 6 OXFORD STUDIES IN SOCIAL AND LEGAL HISTORY 1, 42 (Vinogradoff ed., 1921), that "the king must not, was not allowed, not entitled, to do wrong.").
(32) Sir Paul Vinogradoff, "Legal Standards and Ideals," Michigan Law Review 23.1 (1924), in Landmarks of Law: Highlights of Legal Opinion, ed.
VINOGRADOFF, P., <<Constitutional History and the Year Books>>, en The Law Quarterly Review, 29 (1913), pp.
In addition, we had the support of Philippe Vinogradoff, general consul of France in Miami, who inaugurated the show.
van Hees PAW, Vinogradoff SI, Edwards AC, Godbold DL, Jones DL (2003) Low molecular weight organic acid adsorption in forest soils: effects on soil solution concentrations and biodegradation rates.
12 (Octagon Books 1974) (Paul Vinogradoff ed., 1921).