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Synonyms for vim

a quality of active mental and physical forcefulness

Synonyms for vim

a healthy capacity for vigorous activity

an imaginative lively style (especially style of writing)

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Vimes is in many ways Carrot's opposite: He is no outsider, he grew up in the city; he is not naive, optimistic, or innocent, but cynical.
It seems increasingly likely that Vimes is the character for whom Pratchett will be remembered
Nous vimes la Zingara enlever sa petite Wenceslava et la placer sur son epaule robuste.
Sam Vimes is Commander of Ankh-Morpork's City Watch.
After the likes of hapless wizard Rincewind and the equally hapless Vimes, captain of the City Watch, we're introduced to another delightfully daffy hero.
But there is Sam Vimes, the grizzled policeman with a strong sense of justice, and his band of watchmen who range from the slightly stupid to the hilariously dense.
Au fil de nos seances de travail, nous vimes s'associer de maniere inattendue un certain nombre de champs semantiques et de pratiques.
Some old favourites also crop up,including the permanently annoyed Commander Vimes -a voice of sanity in an increasingly insane world, now with the nickname Vimes the Butcher.
Fans of Pratchett's Discworld fantasy/SF series will not be disappointed in this story that takes Vimes from his present-day life to an alternate life as his younger self.
Blake's 7 star Paul Darrow comes down to earth as Captain Vimes, leader of a Watch that doesn't do anything to stamp out crime.
The latest Discworld book sends tough but honest cop Sam Vimes on holiday to his wife's country estate, where, inevitably, he stumbles upon a murder.
In light of my reading, this anomaly results from its being twice overdetermined: first, by the circumflex accents in the otherwise exceedingly precious phrases "nous vimes, mon ame [.
Only in the spring, "w'en the sap commence' to rise in de scuppernon' vime," does Henry's strength and hair return.