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Synonyms for VI

the cardinal number that is the sum of five and one

more than 130 southeastern Virgin Islands

denoting a quantity consisting of six items or units

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In a region that is still hea- vily dependent on traditional media, there will not be much change or shift any time soon - es- pecially in markets where inter- net penetration is still very low.
We believe the sound will be audible from two miles away, which means they will affect everyone in the city and surrounding vily y y lages." The 51-year-old general manager at a frozen food firm, added: "There are no economic or environmental reasons for it - Lichfield will get all of the blight but none of the benefit."
The first is Violet Flint, who has been given the "old maidenish appellation" of "Miss Vily" (presumably to vilify).
(30) In fact, the first poem she published under her own name, "The Song of the Willi" ("willi" is derived from the Slovakian word "vily," denoting the ghosts of young women who died on their wedding days) is itself sexually subversive.
It has hea vily borrowed, instead, from the available repertoires of the debates on modernism, postmodernism, postcolonialism, information tech-nologies, and late twentieth-century economics and demographics.