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the capital and largest city of Lithuania

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Petersburg No UNK Nikolayevna Speranskaya (1899-1979) [phrase omitted] Lidia Semenovna Vilno Paris UNK Grigorovich (1877/9-1937) [phrase omitted] Vera Viatcheslavovna Latvia Yes UNK Yakovleva (1889-1959) Bepa [phrase omitted] Raisa Yakovlevna Kherson Province No Yes Rait Kovalyova (Chernomordik) (1898-1988) [phrase omitted] Yekaterina St.
Buturlin was entrusted by the tsar with finding out about the hetman's alliance with the Swedish king and the Transylvanian prince as well as about the reason for Cossacks campaigning against the Commonwealth, Russia's formal vassals thereby violating the Muscovite-Polish armistice of Vilno (1656).
It was a period of an increased importance of Minsk, the city which is not directly connected with large river communications as is the case with Polotsk, Virebsk, Grodno, Brest but situated in the intermediate transportation zone on the main land routes between Vilno, Warsaw and Moscow.
Semyon Afanasich Vengerov, a relative of mine on my mother's side (the family in Vilno and school memories), understood nothing in Russian literature and studied Pushkin as a professional task, but "one thing" he understood.
"I vividly recall a woman from Vilno, sent to Auschwitz for giving help to the partisans.
Born into an impoverished noble family, Mickiewicz studied at the University of Vilno (now in Vilnius, Lithuania), where he joined a secret patriotic student organization, the Filomaci, later incorporated into the Filareci.
Polish cities like Warsaw, Krakow, L'viv and above all Vilno, the Jerusalem of the north, had a Jewish population of 30 to 40 percent.
Sarah moved the family to Vilnius and to make ends meet rented a room to Bazyli Jocz, a young rabbinical student from the yeshiva of the Vilno Gaon.