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the capital and largest city of Lithuania

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In Eastern Europe, as in the United States, such areas developed in counterpoint to older neighborhoods--in my case, the Jewish quarter at the heart of traditional Vilna, in Moore's case, the immigrant enclave of the Lower East Side.
Vilna emerges-as a vibrant, exciting and, at times, downright strange center ofJewish culture, where young converts to Christianity are dressed in drag and coerced back into the Jewish faith, and the chief Rabbi engages in a host of quasi-criminal activities.
Vilna, its chief city, became part of the new state of Poland.
Chapter 1, entitled "From Persecution to Annihilation: The Struggle to Know and Understand, June 1941-January 1943," focuses on bearing witness in the ghettoes, specifically those in Warsaw, Lodz, Vilna and Kovno.
Barlow, in forlorn pursuit of a treaty with France, followed Napoleon to Vilna, Lithuania, during the bitter winter of 1812.
A Vilna City Films production in association with Oscar Prods, Stratford Upon the Dnieper.
He was born in Vilna, the Jerusalem of Lithuania, in 1910, into a poor family whose father was a Hebrew teacher and a maskil, and his mother, after she was widowed, sold apples in the marketplace to support her only son.
An eight-day Ukrainian theatre showcase will feature Vilna Scena Theatre, Beregiv National Hungarian Theatre, National Dramatic Theatre, Novaya Scena Theatre, Lviv Academic Theatre, Kiev National Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy and more.
Summing up the experience of the Jewish pioneers of modernism, the artist Henryk Gotlib observed in 1932: "It is not important what Jews became for painting but what painting became for the Jews." Without claiming to be a survey of art produced by Jewish artists in Warsaw, Lodz, Krakow, Lvov, and Vilna during the interwar period, this fascinating exhibition focused on a number of individuals who defined modernism in the local context, while situating their works in relation to a broader international art scene.
"Last month, I was invited to attend the Fifth Annual Heritage Luncheon at the Center for Jewish History in New York City, where Bill received the Vilna Award.
UAB Tiimari will open it's first shop in a commercial centre on 7 November in Vilna, the capital of Lithuania.
However, Baker was at his best again on Vilna, producing the gelding between rivals to win in good style.
"I Lie in This Coffin" (Vilna Ghetto, August 30, 1941).
Marina Dmitrieva and Heidemarie Petersen, eds., Judische Kultur(en) im Neuen Europa: Wilna 1918-1939 [Jewish Culture(s) in the New Europe: Vilna (Vilnius) 1918-1939].