Villa Hermosa

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a city in southeastern Mexico

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Ashkin also visits California to poke around the Agua Caliente Indian Reservation and Villa Hermosa, Palm Springs.
`Never take the road to Villa Hermosa', you warned me, `It is too dangerous'.
Finally, they reached the river landing at the start of a three-hour walk to Villa Hermosa, a village with an infirmary, church and a few houses.
Authorities in Lopez town arrested Edsal Valencia, 31, after he sold 'shabu' to an undercover policeman in Barangay Villa Hermosa. Police recovered two sachets of crystal meth.
Built in 1973, Villa Hermosa is comprised of six courtyard buildings containing 59 one-bedroom and 57 two-bedroom units.
Suspects identified by the police as Frederick Baro, 20, a driver and Mary Jane Villa Hermosa, 45, a businesswoman, both from Valenzuela City.