Vigna sinensis

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sprawling Old World annual cultivated especially in southern United States for food and forage and green manure

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Kinetin alleviates the influence of water logging and salinity on growth and affects the production of plant growth regulators in Vigna sinensis and Zea mays.
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Nutritional and hormonal requirements for the growth of Vigna sinensis callus in vitro.
This experiment was conducted to increasing of seedling vigour by hydro priming method in cowpea (Vigna sinensis L.).
This study was conducted as completely randomized design with three replications on seedling vigour in cowpea (Vigna sinensis L.) seed's at Islamic Azad University Shahryar Branch in 2011.
"Synergistic effects of ultraviolet--B enhanced radiation and growth temperature on ribulose 1,5bisphospahte carboxylase and 14 Co2 fixation in Vigna sinensis L".
Dor-500, Papa y Perdicita no variaron en forma significativa (p [menor que o igual a] 0,05) el IAG, siendo los resultados encontrados consistentes con los reportados previamente para Vigna sinensis (1,33g x [g.sup.-1]), (Granito et al., 2004a), Canavalia ensiformis (1,7mi x g-1), Mucuna pruriens (1,67ml x [g.sup.-l]) y P.
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8) should be cowpea (Vigna sinensis) not chickpeas; even so this usage is not as common as dijr.
(11.) Farahani H.A, Moaveni P and Maroufi K: Effect of Thermopriming on Germination of Cowpea (Vigna Sinensis L.) Advances in Environmental Biology, 5(7): 1668-1673.
Evers (1968) listed this species on Gliricidia sepium, Kallstroemia maxima and Vigna sinensis.
[Asteraceae] Aphis coreopsidis Vigna sinensis (L.) Endl.
El frijol (Vigna sinensis) es una leguminosa de origen tropical que forma parte de los habitos alimenticios de muchas regiones latinoamericanas, donde se consume basicamente en forma de grano integral.
Sin embargo, se podria incrementar el valor nutricional de este alimento al mezclar la semola de trigo con subproductos industriales como el germen desgrasado de maiz o con leguminosas como Vigna sinensis, comunmente conocida como frijol, ambos ricos en lisina.
This study was conducted to examine the Influence of thermo priming on germination of cowpea (Vigna sinensis L.) seed's.