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Synonyms for Vietnamese

a native or inhabitant of Vietnam

the Mon-Khmer language spoken in Vietnam

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on the Vietnamese cultural identity is more visible with the refugees who fled Vietnam during and after the Vietnam War.
COMPREHENSION: Why did the North Vietnamese seizure of Saigon mean the end of the war?
Vietnamese Ambassador to New Zealand Nguyen Viet Dung reported that the Vietnamese overseas community in New Zealand led a stable life and contributed to national development.
The team raided the building on Thursday and arrested 13 people suspected of being involved in the ring -- eight migrant workers who left their formal jobs in Taiwan, a Vietnamese national who entered Taiwan illegally, another Vietnamese national married to a Taiwanese national, and three johns.
Both sides also agreed to actively push the legal status of Cambodian people of Vietnamese origin on the basis of Cambodia's law and the friendly neighboring relations between the two countries,' the article reads.
Three good features of Korean people, cited by the Vietnamese, were hard-working (41.
After a monthlong investigation, the provincial committee on illegal entrants recommended the prosecution of two Navy officers and eight enlisted personnel for the deaths of the Vietnamese fishermen.
During the Egyptian-Vietnamese Business forum, Al-Sisi gave his speech in a meeting that was organised by the General Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce (FEDCOC) in cooperation with the Federation of Vietnamese Chambers of Commerce (VCCI), with the participation of a number of senior Vietnamese officials, a group of Vietnamese and Egyptian businesspeople, and representatives of the VCCI to discuss ways of developing economic and trade cooperation between Egypt and Vietnam and to clarify the investment opportunities available in Egypt.
The Pakistani friends assaulted the Vietnamese duo, who snatched a knife from one of the Pakistanis and stabbed the man who had harassed the masseuses.
The Vietnamese personal accident and health insurance segment's growth prospects by insurance category
The fight last Friday involved a shootout in which two Vietnamese border guards were killed after one or more migrants in the group, which had been stopped by guards at a sentry building, seized one or more AK-47 assault rifles and opened fire, Vietnamese state news media reported over the weekend.
This approach should prove particularly fruitful in analysing Vietnamese and Vietnamese diasporic cultural productions.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian and Vietnamese officials agreed in a meeting in Hanoi to increase the volume of their trade transactions by more than 100 percent in a five-year period.
Chinese vessels gave chase and fired at a Vietnamese fishing boat in disputed waters in the South China Sea, prompting a protest and a demand for compensation from the Vietnamese government, Vietnamese state media said Tuesday.
Vietnam's legislature on Thursday enacted by overwhelming majority an ocean law that declared two disputed island chains in the South China Sea as Vietnamese territory.
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