Vietnam War

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a prolonged war (1954-1975) between the communist armies of North Vietnam who were supported by the Chinese and the armies of South Vietnam who were supported by the United States

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Presented by BBC's South America correspondent Wyre Davies, Philip Jones Griffiths: Ffotograffydd Rhyfel Fietnam [Philip Jones Griffiths: Vietnam War photographer] the programme coincides with the 50th anniversary of Jones Griffith's first photographic foray in the South East Asian country.
For if we talk about the Vietnam War we talk about - and we can't talk about this history without talking about - people with strong, rival and incompatible senses of the common good.
Continue reading "Jewish Veterans Posthumously Awarded Medal of Honor For Service in World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War" at...
Additionally, he is currently an assistant professor of military history at Texas Tech University where he facilitates various classes on the Vietnam War.
Smedley National Vietnam War Museum, formally the National Vietnam War Museum, is a non-profit war museum dedicated to reminding the people of central Florida of the courage and valor of our servicemen and women during the Vietnam War.
There is no other Vietnam War book even a little bit like it.
But, he said, Vietnam War veterans have stepped up to help all veterans, regardless of when they served.
"The Seoul Bar Association and Vietnam Lawyers Association call on the Korean government to investigate the truth behind civilian killings in the Vietnam War and provide confirmed victims with proper reparation measures."
Critique: A seminal work of outstanding collective scholarship, ""Beyond the Quagmire: New Interpretations of the Vietnam War" is an extraordinary contribution to the growing body of Vietnam War literature and an unreservedly recommended addition to community and academic library 20th Century American Military History collections in general, and Vietnam War supplemental curriculum lists in particular.
This specific incident drew the ire and horror of the international community, and significantly impacted the way US citizens viewed the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War was the first war to be documented following the advent of photographic journalism, and hence significantly shaped mainstream understandings of the human cost of war and global imperial politics.
And that is the point, I never hear one word about war being a pollutant, yet we know that the Vietnam War used all types of de-foliage chemicals, and how many bombs are being used in the Middle East?
He served overseas in Korea and Germany, and flew two tours in the Vietnam War. His decorations include two Distinguished Flying Crosses, three Meritorious Service Medals, and nineteen Air Medals.
He was inducted into the United States Army in 1967 and served for twelve months in the Vietnam War as a radio operator with the First Infantry Division.
Written by a Vietnam veteran who was personally exposed to toxic chemicals during his service, including Agent Orange, Agent White, malathion, and DDT, Silent Spring--Deadly Autumn of the Vietnam War speaks out against the lasting harm inflicted by such poisons during the Vietnam War.
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