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OCB is one of the leading banks in Viet Nam, with a focus on supporting export and import activities.
Structural transformation and inclusive growth in Viet Nam (/project/structurai-transformation-and-inclusive-growth-viet-nam)
For example, Woods' history of Viet Nam is ethnic-Vietnamese (kinh) centric.
Dr Thuy said that PMDT in Viet Nam is based upon five principles: 1) sustained political commitment with long-term and sustained investment and leadership; 2) rational case finding strategy, with accurate and timely diagnosis by qualified drug susceptibility testing (DST); 3) proper case management by using standard SLDs with close supervision; 4) uninterrupted supply of SLDs; and 5) standardized recording and reporting systems.
Diana Viet Nam currently holds a local market share of about 30%.
This year, the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Viet Nam targets a 4% increase in export output and a rise of 12.4% in export value compared to 2007.
In addition to being an important work of African American autobiography, Patches of Fire also occupies a unique place in the tradition of Viet Nam literature, partly because of the paucity of black-authored works about that war.
Viet Nam's economic growth has been increasing since 2012-- gross domestic product (GDP) expanded 6.7% in 2015, its strongest in seven years--propelled by a surge in foreign direct investment and export-oriented manufacturing.