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a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico used for target practice by the United States Navy

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Specifically, we write to share our concern that two smaller Puerto Rican islands, Vieques and Culebra, are not receiving the supplies or federal personnel support they urgently need, wrote the Senators.
Images out of Vieques showed leveled homes and buildings, downed trees and power lines and other extensive destruction.
The article on Vieques by BoHvar-Fresneda and Cesar Ayala summarizes the argument in Battleship Vieques (reviewed below).
Chapters One and Two set the regional and local contexts for the militarization of Vieques during World War II.
Vieques is a small island (population: around 10,000; traffic lights: zero) and development is restricted, which means its beaches really are unspoilt.
5) One of Puerto Rico's recent cases, Vieques, is in some ways unique because of its previous status as a military training area, but it and other Puerto Rican cases, such as the struggle over the Northeast Ecological Corridor (NEC) have resonance throughout the Caribbean.
When German U-boats sank more ships in the Caribbean than anywhere else, the American government resolved to turn the island of Vieques into an "unsinkable battleship"; the navy appropriated two-thirds of the island's land, ignoring the cultural traditions of the local Puerto Rican population, forcibly relocating residents, introducing racial discrimination, and destroying the local economy Battleship Vieques scrutinizes the ruthless occupation during and after World War II in fine detail, exploring the roots of the demonstrations that would eventually force the U.
I opted for Vieques, the largest of Puerto Rico's Spanish Virgin Islands, where Lord of the Flies was filmed.
When I met the 38-year-old mother in the spring of 2010 she was living in a tent on the beach with her daughters--Coral, 17, and Ainnanenuschka, 14--just outside the village of Esperanza, on the picturesque southern coast of the Puerto Rican island of Vieques.
W Hotels Worldwide, a US-based hotel company, has introduced W Retreat & Spa - Vieques Island (W Vieques), in Puerto Rico.
Navy Base on Vieques Island and she teaches her "How can I change the world?
Each recounts the story of his now distant life in Vieques.
And Vieques, a small island just off Puerto Rico's northeastern coast, has become a hot gay getaway.
Navy had used Puerto Rico's offshore island municipality of Vieques as target practice, turning two-thirds of its territory into a vast artillery and bombing range.