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the capital and largest city of Laos

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Table: Clinical and laboratory findings of 3 patients with Rickettsia felis Infections, Laos * Patient Signs and Molecular characteristics symptoms findings Male, 50 y, Fever, severe qPCR: Orientia Vientiane City, headache x 7 d; tsutsuaamushi (CSF, central Laos contact with cats blood): negative; and dogs 14 d Rickettsia spp.
All approved Christian religious faiths owned properties in Vientiane City, although some of their properties have not been officially recognized by the Government.
The Seventh-day Adventist congregation numbers fewer than 1,000 followers in Vientiane City and Bokeo Province, and one small Hmong community in Xieng Khouang province.
Using a random sampling list of visitors and vendors, we interviewed 461 respondents in 4 Vientiane city markets (Vientiane has 114,793 households and 3,700 registered poultry farms) (5).
This hospital, along with 4 other major hospitals (1,210 beds total) and local provincial and district hospitals, serves a population of [approximately equal to]900,000 people, including the urban population of Vientiane City and surrounding farming communities of Vientiane Province, and less frequently, outlying provinces.