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the capital and largest city of Laos

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Five MGC ministerial meetings have been held so far, in Vientiane, Lao PDR on November 10, 2000; in Hanoi, Vietnam on July 28, 2001; Phnom Penh, Cambodia June 20, 2003; in Cebu, Philippines on January 12, 2007 and in Manila, Philippines on August 1, 2007.
cholerae O1 isolates, 1 from a patient in Vientiane in 1998 and another from a patient in Louangphabang in 2000 (Figure).
Flight CZ3057 from Guangzhou to Vientiane will be operated every Tuesday and Friday while Flight CZ3058 from Vientiane to Guangzhou will return every Tuesday and Friday.
The Buddhist Church was under the direction of a supreme patriarch who resided in Vientiane and supervised the activities of the church's central office, the Ho Thammasapha.
Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and several other ministers also could not attend ASEAN's annual foreign ministerial gathering that was also held in Vientiane.
And for two of these students who were leaving the itinerant community of Vientiane, it became a reminder of their middle years spent in Lao, PDR.
While in Vientiane, Laos last September, President Rodrigo Duterte accepted the country's chairmanship of the Asean for next year.
VIENTIANE (CyHAN)- Police are continuing the search for the bodies of ten missing school children feared drowned after a cross-river ferry capsized on the outskirts of Laos' capital Vientiane Tuesday morning, with overnight rains serving to swell rivers and hamper efforts.
Vientiane, Ramadan 28, 1435, Jul 25, 2014, SPA -- The World Food Programme (WFP) pledged 28 million
According to TripAdvisor, Riverside Boutique Resort ranks 1st of 91 hotels in Vientiane Province, Vientiane capital included, and 1st of 17 hotels in Vang Vieng.
The Vientiane Declaration said cluster munitions kill indiscriminately long after conflicts and constitute a serious threat to peace, human security and development.
Vientiane, Sept 10 (ANI): To help Laos meet its development goals, India has decided to increase the line of credit to Vientiane for taking upgrading infrastructure in the field of transmission lines, hydro and irrigation projects.
China Southern Airlines (NYSE:ZNH and HKSE:1055) will launch four new international routes in July, from Guangzhou to Yangon, Phuket, Siem Reap, and Vientiane.
In July 2006, an outbreak of HPAI was confirmed on 2 chicken farms in Vientiane, the capital city of Lao PDR (1,3).
The 10 ASEAN foreign ministers begin working late Monday in Vientiane on regional cooperation on terrorism; disaster management and emergency response; reform of the United Nations; an application from Russia to join the inaugural East Asia Summit in December; and the hot topic of whether or not Myanmar will chair next year's ASEAN summit.