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Synonyms for videotape

a video recording made on magnetic tape

a relatively wide magnetic tape for use in recording visual images and associated sound

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Year Title Publications preceding the 1969 Television videotape recording: An adjunct in teaching emergency medical care.
Because of the existence of videotape recording, the President, for a number of reasons, may decide to pre-record his speech.
Videotape recording allows the instructor to both interact with the performance as it plays out and conduct meaningful assessment after the conclusion of the class.
In fact, videotape recording was really seen more as a means of time-shifting and program distribution than as a creative production tool.
Inside the large dark center room of this three-room installation, a strange kind of newsreel was projected: a fifty-three-minute videotape recording the ambush of the Russian army's 245th Motorized Infantry Regiment by a small band of Arab mercenaries (led by a Jordanian Al Qaeda operative) in Chechnya on April 16, 1996.
This PC-based instrument fits on a cart yet synchronizes several physiological signals with a realtime display as well as videotape recording and digitization during swallowing evaluations.
They also have access to a videotape recording of the event, which takes the guesswork out of the process, according to Faketty.
Malpractice; videotape recording; liability, legal; delivery room.
As a closed-circuit camera self-propels itself through the cleaned line section by means of its crawler carrier, it relays continual interior pictures back to the contractor's TV control truck for videotape recording and audio descriptions.
In one videotape recording the experience of visionaries Jacob and Marija, I observed that after assembling at the front of the room to begin the supposed encounter with Mary, Jacob began to gaze upward as he crossed himself.
The "Guidelines for Off-the-Air Recording of Broadcasting Programming for Educational Purposes," ratified in 1981, allow videotape recording from television broadcasts only if the recording is retained by the school for a maximum of 45 days and shown to students no more than twice during the days.
A verbatim transcript or a videotape recording of the meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee might significantly inhibit the members from the free exchange of ideas, which presently characterizes our meetings.
A third item sketched a videotape recording system that allowed television viewers to see three-dimensional images without the use of special aids like colored glasses (SN:9/28/82, p.331).
Vera was the name of the first professional videotape recording machines, and I suspect that the production team replayed quite a few of those old TV comedy tapes, to relearn lessons that Rory Bremner seems to have forgotten.
The guide, intended to accompany a 26-minute videotape recording, gives background information to assist in discussion of effective classroom practices appropriate to linguistically and culturally diverse students in first grade.