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a digital camera designed to take digital photographs and transmit them over the internet

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The candidate jerked his heard around realizing in horror that his folded-up ironing board was in view of his video cam.
The Creative Vado HD is the only pocket video cam to feature HDMI connectivity and an included HDMI cable that provides 1080i output to an HDTV.
I also like to catch up with friends across the world on e-mail, and video cam, especially my sister who lives in Spain.
Katie Joyce, aged 10, added: "I don't think many primary schools do languages but we learn Spanish and link up on a video cam with a Spanish teacher at Blue Coat School (Coventry).
The apartments are serviced by elevators and have video cam intercom system for access.
4" WXGA widescreen format screen, Sony MOTION EYE video cam and integrated high-speed 802.
The information, or "news," comes from everywhere in cyberspace, including blogs and citizen video cam eras as well as conventional media sources.
It has an inbuilt video cam to enable video conferencing and will include a new package called Front Row which will allow the user to access music, photos, DVDs and movie trailers at the touch of a button.
Using a video cam, customers record their messages, upload them to the provider's site and are given links, which they can either email or post on their homepages.
A well-crafted video cam can make a poor speaker look great, just as a poor video can make a great speaker look terrible.
Long before Enron, Arthur Andersen, and WorldCom became household obscenities, this guerilla satirist with a video cam and a baseball cap was storming the bastilles and gated communities of the rich and famous and tossing their dirty laundry out the window.
Clint lost a digital video cam and tons of footage from all over Spain and Venezuela.
They should have rented a people carrier, put everyone inside, welded the doors and pressed record on the video cam.
New marketing ideas, such as megamarkets with hydroponic vegetable bins where one can pick fresh vegetables, and inspections via video cam may seem farfetched.
I found my self in Oaxaca in the Zocalo in a restaurant looking down on my own kind who look up and see my privilege for I, after all, can come and go crossing borders as I please I indeed could even say they do not exist for me yet as I sit here I know that others look down in every way on those down below see them if at all as scenery but they, raza pobre humilde, watch, too, They have no Pentax or Minolta or video cam to penetrate and capture the turistas investigadores Their impressions, however, are the more lasting and will not fade or wilt with age Their eyes see through the centuries and remember their tongues sing the new songs of the future with the old words of the Ancient Ones