Vidalia onion

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sweet-flavored onion grown in Georgia

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The campaign highlights the provenance of the Vidalia onion that has been handcrafted by grower artisans for more than 80 years in Georgia," notes Executive Director Susan Waters.
By growing up and living in the Vidalia onion region of Georgia, agriculture has always been a part of my life and family roots," says John Shuman, president of the Reidsville, Ga.
Sweet peppers, radishes, tomatoes, and crunchy cucumbers are at their peak this time of the year, along with the ever-sweet Vidalia onions and fresh herbs.
In Georgia's Vidalia onion production area, insecticide applications are recommended at an action threshold of 5 thrips per plant (Sparks & Riley 2008) as a slightly more conservative level.
I make crispy Vidalia onion rings to top grilled cheeseburgers or flatiron steak.
Pico De Gallo / Salsa Casera 12 to 15 roma tomatoes 1 large Spanish or Vidalia onion, finely diced (heat vs.
based Culinary Institute of America for two days to identify 300 flavor profiles--from tandoori chicken and Asian curry to caramelized Vidalia onion and blue cheese/Tabasco/celery seed--and used their research to develop the seasonings for Bistro Gourmet.
Crystal International, Del Sol Food Company, Inc, Vidalia Onion Bros, and Panola Pepper Corp are just some of the SUSTA companies filling the category.
The story of the Vidalia onion begins in 1931, when Mose Coleman discovered that the onions he planted were sweet, instead of hot.
In addition to the billions Newt Gingrich got to build a new military aircraft in his home district of Marietta, GA - a plane the military says it doesn't even want - hidden in the spending bill are $1 million for peanut research, $64,000 for urban pest research, and $100,00 for Vidalia onion research, all in Georgia.
So when members of the Vidalia Onion Committee finally heard Kershaw's lyrics, remembers interim manager Tina Wheeler, they thought trouble was, well, blooming.
Serving up the perfect balance of crafty and cool, the new Palm Beach Gardens location will feature a full indoor-outdoor bar with adult milkshakes as the special feature as well as an expanded menu of Susser's signature gastropub fare, including a wide variety of burgers, salads and sides like Crisp Hand-Cut French Fries, Griddled Pecan Broccoli and a Vidalia Onion Tower with "secret sauce.
The timing of the Southern Exposure event is key for our business, as it is just a few weeks before the beginning of our RealSweet Vidalia onion season.
From Vidalia onion fields down south to beef and dairy cattle pastures in every corner of Georgia, these students spent their spring break on a hands-on, whirlwind bus tour of Georgias largest industry.
McWilliams of Shrewsbury is out-and-out delicious complemented by Arugula Salad with Vidalia onion, roasted beets, walnuts and dried cranberries.