Vicugna vicugna

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small wild cud-chewing Andean animal similar to the guanaco but smaller

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Several mammal species found in Tupala have large distribution ranges such as the rodent species Phyllotis xanthopygus and Chroeomys jelskii, as well as the artiodactyl Vicugna vicugna, but they did not occur in Acjanaco, suggesting that ecological more than historical factors are involved in these different communities.
Nematoda: Trichostrongylidae) from the Alpaca, Lama pacos, and the Vicuna, Vicugna vicugna, in Peru.
Optimizacion de una tecnica para la extraccion de ADN de heces de vicuna Vicugna vicugna mensalis).
The only two records of this genus from wild hosts in other orders are Trichuris tenuis Chandler, 1930 from Lama glama and Vicugna vicugna (Artiodactyla; Cafrune et al.
La vicuna presenta tambien dos subespecies, Vicugna vicugna mensalis (Norte) y Vicugna vicugna vicugna (Sur).