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Dr Matt Hartley, director of life sciences, said: "At Twycross Zoo many of our species are part of the European Endangered Breeding Programme, which includes our vicugna family, who continue to be a great success story.
Vicugnas are thought to be wild ancestors of the alpaca, with a pale and fluffy fleece that has sadly become a target for poachers in the wild.
Entre estos, la mayoria de los autores destacan a los que habitan las tierras altas andinas, como varias especies de camelidos (Lama glama, Vicugna vicugna, Vicugna pacos) y el cervido taruca (Hippocamelus antisensis) (Acosta 1590; Brosseder 2014; Browman 2004; Flores Ochoa 1974; Grenon 1922; Hernandez 2009; Latcham 1922; Lecoq y Fidel 2003; Loza 2007; Lozano 1941 [1733]; Millones Figueroa 2014; Monardes 1574; Pardal 1998 [1937]; Renard-Casevitz et al.
Once emptied of his lexicon the uplifted Vicuna of the genus Vicugna, given to wordiness, continues to explore large slanted hills with great apatite and gusto.
La Figura 6, muestra las diferencias significativas entre la frecuencia de articulacion a lo largo del esqueleto de Lama vicugna, alli se puede apreciar claramente las partes del esqueleto que mas tardan en desarticularse y que perduran en el registro fosil.
The artiodactyl mammal was Vicugna vicugna (vicugna; Camelidae), and the lagomorph was the introduced European rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus (Leporidae; Table 3).
Alpacas evolved in South America with the domestication of the Vicugna, which has the finest fibre in the world.
The number of Vicugna vicugna in the species' native countries--Peril, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Ecuador-dropped from 2 million in Incan times to around 10,000 in the 1960s.
Dentro del grupo de los camelidos se determino a nivel osteometrico la presencia de dos especies silvestres (Vicugna vicugna y Lama guanicoe) y una domestica (Lama glama) (Figura 12a).
Although MERS-CoV has not been found in camelids other than dromedaries outside the Arabian Peninsula so far (9), our observations raise the question of whether other camelids could become infected if MERS-CoV were introduced to regions with large populations of alpacas and possibly other closely related camelids of the genera Lama, Vicugna, and Camelus.
Nematoda: Trichostrongylidae) from the Alpaca, Lama pacos, and the Vicuna, Vicugna vicugna, in Peru.
The only two records of this genus from wild hosts in other orders are Trichuris tenuis Chandler, 1930 from Lama glama and Vicugna vicugna (Artiodactyla; Cafrune et al.