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a brand of gramophone

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8) Although public consumption and ownership of sound recordings had waned considerably because of the Depression, libraries continued to provide access to them and events highlighting them, mainly in the form of Victrola concerts.
Instead, he was an avid collector of fountain pens, wind-up Victrolas and 78 rpm phonograph records.
The boys who had come to the house heard the wobbly sound of Victrolas playing 78s - Jelly Roll Morton, the Waldorf Astoria band.
Soon, the piano wood-core business blossomed into an expanding diversity of dimension parts for Victrolas, radios, furniture, kitchen cabinetry, lasts for shoemakers, shuttles and rollers for the textile industry and bowling's first hollow-core laminated ten pins.
The Sophronia comes walking down the road from her house to ours, sometimes one way, sometimes the other, past the japonicas with a turkey that follows her from the wild, and my grandmother is alive for the occasion, the two of them sitting under the morning glories, open like a showroom of Victrolas.
Who among us wants to drive a 10-year-old car, or go back to ice boxes, hand crank Victrolas and silent movies?
I have seen cameras pointed both at spinning Victrolas and clunking player pianos as people rush to add musical content to the site.
Muchos de estos numeros, sobre todo los llamados trabalengua, o sea, guarachas que se comienzan cantando lentamente y despues se va acelerando el tiempo hasta que casi as imposible cantarlas por la rapidez del silabeo (come La mazucamba) fueron grandes exitos en las victrolas o velloneras de aquella epoca, en que era muy dificil que las mujeres cantantes triunfaran en este medio.
There were Native American headdresses and medieval suits of armor, brass-horned Victrolas and silk kimonos from Japan.
And people buy victrolas so they can dance at home.
Se agrega a la cadena de agentes dispersores, el cine mexicano con sus coreografias del mambo y chachacha, que aportan los pasos que los calenos copian, adoptan y adaptan; comienzan tambien a surgir las tabernas con sus victrolas, que despues daran paso a las salsotecas, cuando en los setentas la musica caribena empieza a ser sustituida por la salsa.
At this time appliances were eliminated and rugs and Victrolas were added.
Here I sold records, radios and victrolas (record players).