Victoria Day

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a public holiday in Canada on the Monday on or before May 24th

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26) Take for example the Vancouver Victoria Day parade in 1920 that featured a "parade of nations" and included community members from the Coast Salish Squamish Nation.
While at the church I happened to notice a prayer pamphlet marking Victoria Day.
Authorities don't believe Monday's plunge, on a warm and sunny Victoria Day holiday in Canada, was a stunt.
Each year in our community, the Council organized an event to celebrate Victoria Day.
or have a fireworks display next Victoria Day long weekend.
Niagaraspringflings, a Canada-based online tour company offering vacations in Niagra, Ontario, has announced its new packages for Victoria Day, and Memorial Day travel.
Holidays: Home - 4/24 Easter 7/1 Canada Day 9/5 Labor Day Road - 5/23 Victoria Day
Establishment unease over juvenile delinquency gave way to panic as youth hi-jinks and discontent came to focus around more and more riotous annual outbursts against that most British and imperial of holidays, Victoria Day, in both Ontario and Quebec but especially in the latter.
August 22 Victoria Day, Dorman Museum, Middlesbrough Turn back the clock and enjoy free activities at a Victorian summers day outing at the museum
Directors agreed that the Victoria Day Centre in East Belfast should close.
The current law was adopted in 2007, and permits shopping on Sundays between Victoria Day and Christmas, but not during the remaining months.
to raise money for a trip to Canada to march in the Victoria Day Parade.
Currently Prince Edward Island defines "holiday" to include every Sunday that falls between December 25 of any year and the Friday before Victoria Day of the following year, and retail business are not permitted to be open.
14) Among the milestones in the making of a rights-based Canadian citizenship would be post-war debates over Japanese internments, immigration policy, and espionage (the Gouzenko affair); Cold War imbroglios; the waning of Victoria Day and the increasing openness to new symbols of Canadian nationality, culminating in Lester B.
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