Vicia faba

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Old World upright plant grown especially for its large flat edible seeds but also as fodder

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Interest and place of three Vicia faba aphid species in Draa Ben Khedda (Great Kabylia, Algeria).
2] in induction of chromosomal aberrations in Vicia faba L.
Vicia faba agglutinin, the lectin present in broad beans, stimulates differentiation of undifferentiated colon cancer cells.
Es posible distinguir 3 variedades botanicas, las cuales se diferencian fundamentalmente por el tamano de sus semillas (Bianco y Pimpini 1990): Vicia faba L.
Enzymatic abnormality in erythrocytes of a population sensitive to Vicia faba or hemolytic anemia induced by drugs.
Los efectos toxicos de los metales pesados en Vicia faba a nivel de las celulas merismaticas de la raiz de las habas en la mitosis celular son bien conocidos.
The effects of exogenous amino acid on acetylene reduction activity of Vicia faba L.
The host range was reported for a hereditarily diverse group of Rhizobium isolates from the nodules of Vicia faba (KSA2), Acacia ampliceps (KSA5), A.
is a univoltine species developing within Vicia faba L.
Differential response of two Vicia faba cultivars to drought: growth, pigments, lipid peroxidation, organic solutes, catalase and peroxidase activity.
Pampa, Buenos Aires, Lycopersicum Possible vector of Rio Negro esculentum Hill, "Witches-Broom (Christensen 1942; fababean Vicia faba Disease" of alfalfa Remes Lenicov 1982; L.