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bridge consisting of a series of arches supported by piers used to carry a road (or railroad) over a valley

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1mcontract for the repair of the viaduct on the M6 in Cheshire has been awarded to contractors John Martin Construction, with the total reaching pounds 45m when the cost of the most recent repair work and traffic management schemes are added.
Work has started on the restoration of a historic railway viaduct.
The project is sub-divided into six separate work contracts, which includes CC1 (Mentiri Tunnels and Land Viaducts), CC2 (Marine Viaducts), CC3 (Navigational Bridges), CC4 (Temburong Viaducts and Roads), CC5A (Traffic Control Surveillance System) and CC5B (Power Supply and Road Lighting).
Cintec's patented anchoring system will be used by the electrification and improvement scheme to strengthen railway bridges and viaducts to help support the weight of the gantries which will hold the cables required to electrify the lines.
Contract notice: A85 - doubling viaducts cher and cher discharge.
Montreux - Roche - Securing anchored foundations Viaducts Chillon - Renovation of bridges
Tenders are invited for Provision of N09 - Ant Montreux - Roche - Securitisation of embedded foundations of viaducts Chillon
The main works for constructing this section of motorway also include the building of two bridges, twelve overpasses, two viaducts, numerous structures for water drainage, as well as small bridges, parking areas, service areas and acceleration and deceleration lanes.
Connecting the road on the viaducts on the secondary road network.
6 km dual 2-lane sea viaduct between the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao-Bridge, Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities and North Lantau as well as the construction of nine smaller approach viaducts.
Les main features of this work are as follows: - 1410 m bridge to three sections, two viaducts of Access mixed girder type 2 x 495.
1 concern viaducts and aerial spans and covered trenches and open.