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a high official in a Muslim government (especially in the Ottoman Empire)

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Yine o siralarda Avrupa ahvaline vakif bir vezir olan Hekim-oglu Ali Pasa'nin bu mesele ile yakindan ilgilenmesi Rexin'in itimatnamesini kisa bir surede Bab-i Ali'ye ulastirmasinda etkili oldu.
The Ottoman "Vezir System," conveying the waters of springs near Buca, Southeast of Izmir, and crossing Melez creek via a high aqueduct is called Veziragasi or Vezir.
I thought that this was such an amazing story, especially because when they were found, the vezir of Konya commissioned an artist to make paintings of them in order to preserve and document them, which I have been doing and that got me very excited," says Dunaway.
According to APA, on October 6 at 10:30, resident of Gazakh's Gushchu Ayrim village Vezir Aliyev, Alpoud village resident
Philliou thus locates the Phanariots within the "vezir and pasha households" template Ottoman historians have recently employed to interrogate the time-honored "decline paradigm" with its focus on state power.
Reflecting upon the political instability of the Ottoman Empire, Tolstoi wrote that high-ranking dignitaries "make advances to the simple people not out of love but out of fear that they might riot," since the Turks are "prone to state disturbances and rebellion" and "call themselves a free people." (32) In a remark that was bound to make Peter the Great recall the recent strel 'tsy rebellion, Tolstoi mentioned the Janissaries, who "care neither about the sultan, nor about the vezir or any minister" and obeyed only their elected commanders.
Vezir Ismaili from Skopje is another Albanian from Macedonia who believed to receive asylum in the United States by claiming that "there is no life for the Albanians in Macedonia".
If only the storytellers understood the art of satire: then we would hear thinly disguised tales about the valide sultan's latest conspiracies in the harem, the chief Black Eunuch's double-crossing of the Greek Orthodox Patriarch, the Grand Vezir's ignorance of his own hanging until the last moment.
In any case, his grand vezir, the powerful Rag1b Mehmed Pasha (d.
At the recent laying of the foundation of Vezir Mosque in Istanbul the mayor called mosques "a symbol of Turkish culture" and stressed the need to preserve them.
Vezir Faqolli, 32, pleaded guilty to producing the Class B drug following the raid in Newport Road in April, where officers also found cash and a machete.