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The 2010 Veterans Day Regional Sites are: Birmingham, Mobile, and Montgomery, Ala.
htm) closed on Friday, as Veterans Day is a predetermined postal holiday, but FedEx will be (http://www.
They attended the Veterans Day National Ceremony at Arlington Cemetery and received their awards later that day at PVA's annual Veterans Day reception.
Veterans Day is the one special day when our nation has the opportunity to honor the brave men and women who have served their country throughout hundreds of years of war and peace.
EWEB's 161 union-represented workers won the right to have Veterans Day as a paid holiday during bargaining last year.
Although Veterans Day was actually Friday, it was commemorated Saturday in the San Fernando Valley and much of the nation with parades, vigils and observances honoring those who have served the country, especially those who have died in its defense.
The Cleveland Browns plan to show the documentary on the stadium scoreboard as part of its Veterans Day presentation during the Nov.
Dollar General's Veterans Day discount is our way of thanking these extraordinary men and women.
There is a great deal to know about Veterans Day in 2016, that includes some disheartening facts about the conditions of former military servicemen.
In 1958, the White House advised VA's general counsel that the 1954 designation of the VA administrator as chairman of the Veterans Day National Committee applied to all subsequent VA administrators.
Photo: (1 -- 3 -- color) The Knights of Columbus, left, participate in a flag ceremony by lowering the stars and stripes, then raising a new flag during the Veterans Day event organized by the Prayer Angels for the Military at Veterans Historical Plaza at Newhall Avenue and Market Street in Newhall on Saturday.
It is appropriate that we celebrate the life of Rick Romley on the eve of Veterans Day," Secretary Principi said.
Freedoms Foundation, a non-profit educational organization that provides low-cost and no-cost civics education programs for students and teachers, will offer Americans a unique opportunity to honor and thank military veterans they know with its second annual National Veterans Day "Salute-A-Vet" Luminaria Candlelight Ceremony on November 11th.
This Friday, the nation will honor veterans both living and dead on its 78th official Veterans Day.
These people have given up so much of their lives to serve,'' said Colleen Janssen, spokeswoman for the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District, which helps sponsor one of the community's biggest Veterans Day observances.
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