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an archaic term for clothing

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Sexual dimorphism: Adult males have a vestiture of short setae on the abdominal venter and recumbent white scales on the carapace and abdominal dorsum.
bolivianus, sharing mainly the vestiture on dorsum, the female pygidium and the ventral region (Manfio et al.
However, these genera are easily distinguished by the vestiture of the antennal segment II, which in Leprocapsus is moderately dense (Figs.
Female: COLORATION, SURFACE, VESTITURE, AND STRUCTURE: As in male, although slightly larger on average (see Table I), 3.
Due to dense vestiture the presence of ascoids on flagellomeres could not be detected.
Head: Vestiture of vertex appressed, scales piliform, directed toward frons; ocelli and chaetosemata absent; antennae filiform, without pecten; flagellomeres without scales ventrally, lamination not as clear as in Urodus; labial palpus 1st segment 1/2 as long as 2nd; 2nd segment with ventral scale tufts, denser distad; 3rd segment with obtuse apex, as long as 2nd; maxillary palpus very short, 1-segmented; haustellum naked, 2 x longer than labial palpus.
Dorsal vestiture very sparse, mostly very small, decumbent, silvery, simple to weakly sericeous setae, and frequently erect bristlelike setae.
Stuckenberg (1971: 504) called attention to the variation he had observed in the structure of the protandrium in lauxaniids and observed that 'differences in development, exposure and vestiture of the protandrium do not appear to have been used in lauxaniid taxonomy'.
DIAGNOSIS: Recognized by pale pinkish orange dorsal coloration in males and generally pale creamy white of females, with distinctive carmine red markings on head, anterolateral angle of pronotum, all thoracic pleura, abdomen and legs; hind legs with red spots at base of tibial spines; dorsum with mixed vestiture of golden scalelike setae and longer decumbent, thick, black, simple setae; venter with golden scalelike setae only; male endosoma with marginal processes, large flattened and right laterally projected medial spinelike process and smaller ridge of spines proximate to base.
5 6 Scutellum with 8 marginal setae, but no setae on disc; mtn yellow; abdomen with short longitudinal dark line at apex formed by midline spot on tg 6 and 7; bright pale yellow species with yellow vestiture sp.
Body ovoid, tumid, widely shagreened, with uniformly pale antennae and legs; basic coloration reddish (or ventrally pinky) orange; dorsal surface less shining, with sparsely distributed, very short vestiture.