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an archaic term for clothing

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Integument black, antennal margin reddish; vestiture pale yellow, conspicuous on elytra, dorsal of hind femur, pygidium, and segmental venter (Figs.
Similar to male in color, texture, and vestiture, differing in the proportionately broader body form and slightly abbreviated hemelytral membrane that extends from the apex of the abdomen or only slightly beyond.
Pronotum broader than longer, sides crenulate, rounde d, hind an gles br oadly truncated, disc with deep and fine puncture, around sides feebly punctured with hard, suberrect vestiture, propleurae with depression for accomoding the anterior tarsi, base of prosternal spine with deep concavity; scutellum lobulate to subrectangular, medially keeled with dense hard vestiture; elytra widest at middle, gradually narrower behind, strial margin with grooved, interstriae with rows of hard, erect vestiture, apices rounded to truncated.
Among the works that Krasner no doubt saw in the 1970s were Schapiro's widely published Collaboration, Fan, and Vestiture series that looked like the shaped canvases of Frank Stella, with the important proviso that they were composed of laces, richly embroidered silks, velvets, sequined appliques, and chintzes.
To take quite a different example, the curious vestiture of the Etruscan haruspex, whose raison d'etre was to mediate between humans and gods, was that of a shepherd.
Vestiture as in male except that abdominal venter has long slender setae and the carapace and abdomen lack the conspicuous recumbent scales.
Since becoming a nun was a gradual process, marked by the rituals of vestiture, profession, and consecration, a nun's relationship with her family shifted slowly over the years, while the family enjoyed plenty of opportunities to exploit ceremonies of transition to redefine and advertise their social significance, institutional connections, and their piety.
Differences between taxa do, of course, exist and include the following: number and morphology of associated bracts, vestiture, absolute size of the syncephalium at anthesis, number of individual flowers and secondary capitula, and degree of fusion between the neighboring structures.
Such practitioners would draw on workplace knowledge about inflation, wages, pension vestiture, profit sharing (Root, 1993), and insurance coverage.
The Cook court noted that the BLM's argument against vestiture of equitable title for Cook was inconsistent with its own BLM Manual, wherein [section]3860, entitled "Mineral Patent Application Processing," describes the BLM's policy concerning the granting of patents states: "The date of issuance [date of entry] of the first half of the final certificate must be the date of acceptance of the purchase price.
and, like the previous poem, it questions the authenticity, stability, and accuracy of referring to ourselves as "selves," but concludes by realizing that, in this muddy vestiture of decay, one must, however uneasily, accept being a self, despite (rather than because of) the risks involved: "If you can only live / one life, you must die / for those / you throw away"(55).
Characters used to distinguish the morphotypes are size, elytral shape, color of vestiture, shape of the fifth sternite, and several characters of the female genitalia.