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type genus of the Vespidae: various hornets and yellow jackets

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Vespa Philippines put safety in top priority during its recent free Safety Riding Event held at the Megatent in Libis.
An exhibition of Vespas. September 30 until October 1.
Vespas must have USB outlets to charge mobile phones.
TodayT , more than 18 million Vespas have been sold y around the world.
MOTORBIKE-MAD Cardiff shop owner Chris Macnamara is leaving his Harley Davidson at home to ride a Vespa 5,000 miles to Croatia and back for charity.
TERRY Donnelly of Langbank Avenue, Binley, Coventry, has written to tell us how memories of his Vespa scooter days were jogged by a recent article in the Telegraph.
Practising in a village square the size of a sheep pen, the Vespas feel unwieldy, even turning the handlebars is a challenge.
Piaggio's Vespa. The Vespa dates back to 1946, when it offered an outrageously convenient way for both sexes to rush around the cobbled Italian streets.
Thanks to Adam at Vivo Scooters in Musselburgh for loan of the Vespas.
Today's scooters, in contrast to the classic handlebar-mounted clutched and gear-changing Vespas of yore, are also fully automatic.
"One of the things I really like about what I'm seeing currently is that the age group is really expanded," says Bill Cole, owner of Eugene's Wheelworks bike shop, which added Vespas to its line of scooters this spring.
School day memories came flooding back as the white van man delivered the Vespa LX125 to my door.
Douglas Motorcycles, of Bristol, marketed the first Vespas under licence from 1951 and the scooter became a symbol of a new-found sense of freedom and progress, featuring heavily in films, advertising and literature.
To view the customized Vespas, visit your favorite RSSI stores.
Vespas have always been loved for their 'dolce vita' style