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South African monkey with black face and hands

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Reinfection of vervet monkeys (Cercopithecus aethiops) with Borrelia hermsii.
Other animals include chimpanzees, baby crocodiles, African gray parrots and vervet monkeys that come in by airplane from countries like South Africa and Ukraine.
The research was carried out by observing wild vervet monkeys in South Africa.
org/content/340/6131/483) f papers published in the journal Science on Friday, researchers found traces of what could be called cultural transmission in humpback whales and wild vervet monkeys.
Experts say monkeys have been known to accept young humans into their fold and there has been a previous case in which a four-year-old Ugandan boy was left in the jungle for more than a year to live with vervet monkeys before being rescued and adapting well to life with people.
Not a single civil servant was to be found in the fifteen gloomy offices of the compound, which was overrun with vervet monkeys.
The fascinating enclosure of Vervet monkeys, terrapins (a turtle) and a Nile crocodile is undoubtedly a unique attraction for visitors, and in fact houses species which occur in the same habitat in the wild -- a tactic that Al Ain Zoo strives to implement as enrichment for their animals, said an official of the zoo.
It is believed he had been living with vervet monkeys for three years after his parents were killed in the civil war.
Vervet monkeys -- small African monkeys -- will, if they're not careful, find themselves being caught and feasted on by any of several predators, including baboons, leopards and eagles.
A host of flora and fauna can be found nearby - parrots and hornbills residing in the trees and vervet monkeys swinging from the canopy.
In vervet monkeys, subordinate females can acquire leadership simply by living long enough to have more offspring, not only because such females have a small army of defenders, but also because it seems to be understood among vervets that a mother who has a large number of surviving young must be doing something right.
Jentsch uses vervet monkeys in his work on schizophrenia and drug addiction; he gives methamphetamine to monkeys in an effort to understand and treat addiction.
Dietary tryptophan was manipulated in social groups of vervet monkeys by providing them with amino acid mixtures that were tryptophan-free, nutritionally balanced, or excessively high in tryptophan.
Gusty winds curtailed game movement, and by midmorning, only Some vervet monkeys and two blue wildebeest had shown.
I have never thought much about vervet monkeys, cichlid fish or vampire bats and certainly did not expect to read about them in relation to workplace contracts.