Verrazano Narrows

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a narrow channel of water separating Staten Island and Brooklyn

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There, they await the Tour's arrival, and after the forty-five minute hold, they lead the tour through the rest of Queens into Brooklyn and over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge to the finish at Staten Island's Fort Wadsworth.
Many of the bridges in the New York metropolitan area--including the George Washington Bridge that connects Manhattan to New Jersey and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge that connects Brooklyn to Staten Island--are elevated 600 feet above sea level, which would make them vulnerable to hurricane-strength winds much earlier than ground level and force them into complete shutdown hours before any storm actually made landfall.
Foggy conditions made it humid, but kept temperatures down as runners started from Verrazano Narrows Bridge in Staten Island for the race through the five boroughs of New York with more than two million people cheering them on.
The views from the gardens almost rival those from the ferry, taking in New York harbour, the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and Brooklyn.
Floodwaters rushed down the Hudson River Valley; past modern Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island; through an earthen dam where the Verrazano Narrows Bridge now stands; and across another hundred miles into the North Atlantic.
Marathon runners cascade over New YorkOs Verrazano Narrows Bridge
There was the excitement of seeing land again after six nights at sea, the shock of hearing cars as the Queen Elizabeth 2 inched under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.
Many visitors were immigrants who had seen the Wonder Wheel and Parachute Drop rising above the shoreline as their liners approached the Verrazano Narrows.
The HOV lane, gradually constructed over the last few years, creates additional space on 1-278 from the Verrazano Narrows Bridge to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel for the 17,000 passengers each morning.
DRIVING over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge into Brooklyn on Saturday morning, it was apparent why the New York Racing Association had decided, at the last minute, to cancel racing until Wednesday.
Case in point: The scene is the Verrazano Narrows Bridge at the opening of Act 2.
Runners assemble below colourful balloons and circling helicopters on three carriageways at the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, a three kilometre split level span which crosses from Staten Island to Brooklyn.
Among the protest activities planned in New York: on June 8, demonstrators were to link arms to form a human chain across the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, symbolically closing the mouth of the Hudson River to nuclear-armed ships.
A parade on July 12 kicks off the weekend, as WWP Alumni are escorted through streets lined with supporters from Rescue 5 Fire Station in Staten Island and over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, before concluding at a private event host by the Belle Harbor Yacht Club in Queens.