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(law) a group of people summoned for jury service (from whom a jury will be chosen)


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Control over practice was measured with 13-items selected from a 23-item unit level scale developed by Verran and colleagues (1994).
Mick Verran of the ArnzenGroup will serve as the lead facilitator at this roundtable meeting.
The story of other exceptional miners also inspires him, and the poem ends with the story of one Michael Verran, who gives his life for others in a mining disaster:
Former Scots Guard Peter Verran, 46, shared a Moroccan campsite with Hewlett between June and November 2007.
Ne aannetaan mieluimmin jonkin verran heikompina kuin suomessa", and "Virossa [kirjaimet] b, d ja g tarkoittavat lyhyita, soinnittomia leenisklusiileja [kuten sanoissa luba, kade ja lugu].
Consequently there has been a reduction in laboratory practical classes, not just in Australia but also worldwide (Baker & Verran, 2004).
Wilson (ed), Rationality, Oxford, Blackwell, 1991; Helen Verran, Science and an African Logic, Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 2001.
Zelo divin, per cui dalle crudeli / Destre l'armi togliendosi, dal varco / D'orrida notte alme molte, e molte / Tratte al Sentier verran della salute.
Verran, Helen and Michael Christie 2007 'Using/ designing digital technologies of representation in Aboriginal Australian knowledge practices', Human Technology: Interdisciplinary Journal of Humans in ICT Environments 3(2):214-27.
She married Verran Charles Borgstedt on March 27, 1958, in Las Vegas.
I am particularly indebted to Peter Bornschlegell, Philipp Osten, David Condylis, and Helen Verran.
El presidente Felipe Calderon sabia incluso que si la subestacion Tacubaya tenia problemas, la propia residencia oficial de Los Pinos, el Campo Marte, la zona poniente del Distrito Federal, que abarca las delegaciones Alvaro Obregon, Cuajimalpa y Miguel Hidalgo, y los municipios conurbados de Tlalnepantla y Naucalpan, se verran afectados por la falta de luz.
Earlier this summer John Verran, regional bee inspector for Wales, spoke of his optimism that June's heatwave would provide a welcome boost by pushing populations back to near normal.
Peter Verran, 46, said: "He brought Madeleine up straight away.
For mer soldier Peter Verran, 46, who met Hewlett at a campsite in Morocco, in May, 2007, has said he admitted parking a van close to the McCanns' complex on several occasions.