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Italian painter of the Venetian school (1528-1588)

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"The dynamic movement of the figures, bold modeling, and open and scintillating brushwork combined with high-keyed color create a dramatic effect, representing Veronese at the height of his abilities," the museum said.
A temporary export ban has been placed on a Paolo Veronese drawing valued at around GBP15m, in an attempt to keep the 400 year old artwork in the UK, the Department for Culture, Media & Sport reported on Tuesday.
The Venetian aristocrat in the oil by Italian artist Paolo Veronese - called Portrait of Gentleman In A Fur - is a dead-ringer for Ireland's assistant manager, down to the streaked beard.
Wheel of good fortune With popular restaurants in San Francisco and Hollywood, chef Adolfo Veronese and his brother Gian-Paolo were seeking a perfect third location for their Aventine brand.
The Italian embassy in Tashkent urged caution in 2012 when the museum displayed a painting by Italian Renaissance master Paolo Veronese - which the museum called a lost masterpiece of western art - saying further work was needed to confirm the work was genuine.
Free August invites visitors of all ages to engage in a variety of programs from story readings and family tours that bring to life works of art in the collection, to nude drawing lessons among masterpieces by Veronese, El Greco and Rembrandt.
Veronese (1528-88) is one of the 'big three' of 16th-century Venetian art and this ambitious exhibition is a major event.
Although the word 'magnificence' is something of a cliche when applied both to the culture of 16th-century Venice and to the art of Paolo Veronese (1528-88), it is also a truism.
We'll buy the whole room" (Humfrey, Veronese lecture, Asolo Theatre, Sarasota, FL., December 2013; Image 4, below).
Burckhardt, focusing on the Italian Renaissance, chose as one of his exemplars an artist largely overlooked today: the Venetian painter Paolo Veronese. Burckhardt hailed Veronese's paintings as the highest expression of what he called Existenzmalerei--representations of pure existence, free from abstract theological concerns.
Paolo Veronese, R&D Technologist at Frutarom Savory Solutions, explained: "As reducing the salt content of foods is an important public health issue, the industry is working hard on developing suitable solutions.
The stranger's sense of the unexpected and the ridiculous in words combines with a native's ability to gather every nuance from an upside-down headline, a conversational gambit between a reserved Roman girl and a crew of young Veronese soccer fans, or the thousand-and-first international tourist getting off at the wrong stop while the Italian recorded announcer reads the English names out loud in a full-throated parody of a British aristocrat.
The Warwickshire theatre and film company invites audiences to join it on a trip of a lifetime: first stop, a hot, steamy Veronese piazza around a monumental love story under sultry Italian skies.
Marcello Veronese, director of Digital Channels at HSBC Holdings, said, 'The enhancement of this broader DIGIPASS for Mobile deployment is the result of more than five years of research and development.