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Danish philologist (1846-1896)

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His reflection seemed to end in resolution, and, falling into a more rapid stride, he passed out of the little town along a road leading toward the gate of the great park, the country seat of Sir Francis Verner. A glitter of sunlight made the early winter more like a late autumn, and the dark woods were touched here and there with red and golden leaves, like the last rays of a lost sunset.
"Only take me into Sir Francis Verner," replied the visitor.
Sir Francis Verner was sitting in an easy chair beside a small table in a large room hung with tapestries.
"I am aware we are political opponents," replied Verner, raising his eyebrows.
But Fisher was still staring in an absent fashion at the golden gigantic figures and traceries of brown and red in the tapestries on the walls; then he looked again at Verner and resumed: "I have a feeling that this interview has happened before, here in this tapestried room, and we are two ghosts revisiting a haunted chamber.
Sir Francis Verner sprang to his feet and looked about for one of the bell ropes of the old-fashioned, curtained room.
Verner's hand fell from the bell rope and, after standing for a moment with rolling eyes, he strode abruptly from the room.
"Are you only a servant, perhaps, that rather sinister old servant who was butler to Hawker and Verner? If so, you are certainly the only link between the two periods.
"More likely you are Verner himself; and it's no good wasting eloquence to make you ashamed of yourself.
"You've made a landslide with your confounded acres and a cow, and Verner can hardly get a vote anywhere.
But it is his staggering tally this season - 61 goals in all competitions - which has smashed the record formerly held by another ex-Glentoran man, Marty Verner, who scored 57 in his one and only season at Inverary Avenue in 2003.
The local purchaser plans to reposition management and implement a plan to optimize expenses and bring rents to market," Justin Verner, senior advisor and leader of SVN RealSite's multifamily practice, said in a statement.<br />Verner and SVN RealSite Advisor Brooks Healy represented seller in the deal.<br />The buyer, according to state property records, is Midwood Holdings LLC.
At once both a love story and a complex, character-driven narrative that questions the lengths to which one should choose to keep secrets hidden, Between You & Me is thoughtful, compelling, and superbly brought to life with excellent performances from Tanya Eby and Adam Verner. Highly recommended, especially for public library audiobook collections.
For the past six years, the annual 'Creating Savoury Flavours' course, run by award-winning food industry training company, Verner Wheelock, has attracted flavourists and food technologists from South America, Asia and all parts of Europe--and this year was no exception.
Bill Verner, senior vice president of External Affairs with Georgia EMC, said, 'The contributions by Cobb EMC are so numerous that it's difficult to capture all of them.