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He holes up with Perry Alterson--a 19-year-old with mild Asperger's syndrome and a passion for Motown music --in the home of Vern's friend, Sylvia Granger, who runs a "School for New Vermonters" that teaches skills like driving in the mud.
The 3-4-50 campaign aims to show Vermonters that they do not have to take on such a defeatist attitude when it comes to their health, and that change is possible.
It's heartening to see all Vermonters take ownership of this challenge and fight to clean up our lake.
Merchants Bank (NASDAQ: MBVT) has partnered with WARMTH to raise more than USD100,000 to help prevent low-income Vermonters across the state from going without heat this winter, the company said.
His account includes Petersburg besieged, winter quarters, Lewis Farm and White Oak Road, Dinwiddie Court House and Five Forks, the Vermonters break through, expanding the breach, the sweep to Hatcher's Run, Forts Gregg and Whitworth, Grant and Lee under fire, and the fall of Petersburg.
Vermonters for a Sustainable Population is not a "lobbying group," as was suggested.
"I think it's reflective of the benefits that the project still holds for Vermonters," he said.
“Furthermore, young adult Vermonters are not finding the conditions they need to live here.
In the immediate aftermath of the disaster, it fell on the shoulders of ordinary Vermonters to help victims and rebuild the state.
"Vermonters have displayed a fierce determination to preserve that which makes Vermont a special place: respect for the environment, dedication to the ideals established by the founders of Vermont and the United States, respect for the individual and a sense of common purpose defined by shared community values and actions.
Shumlin's stop at a Wilmington restaurant for chili was a clear reminder of the work yet undone two years after Tropical Storm Irene moved through the state, killing six Vermonters and causing hundreds of millions in damage.
Labor Commissioner Annie Noonan says apprenticeships are an excellent opportunity for Vermonters interested in the electrical and plumbing trades.
"This is another crucial step in getting fast reliable broadband to all Vermonters," said Mike Smith, Vermont state president for FairPoint.
Vermonters who understand the dangers of legalizing assisted suicide are preparing for a fight.
We did it for ourselves (it was fun, the family who went along had a blast, and Vermonters are very nice people) and because of the upcoming census--nothing stands up like official documentation.