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a native or resident of Vermont

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Vermonters are becoming more enthusiastic about achieving healthy lifestyles, but that has not always been the case, according to Arel.
Rachel (17): Well, I'm from [emphasis in transcript] Vermont, but I'm not a Vermonter. That's different.
Green Mountain Boys of Summer: Vermonters in the Major Leagues, 1882-1993.
As a Vermonter who is "party to a civil union," there is much I could bemoan about how civil unions are not truly equal to marriage.
SENATE SHUFFLE It was a remarkably different Senate that convened following Vermonter Jim Jeffords's switch from Republican to Independent status.
After undertaking a revision of his 1958 book George Perkins Marsh, Versatile Vermonter, author David Lowenthal soon realized his 40 years of research on Marsh required that he write a wholly new biography.
A Vermonter reported the cat opened the freezer, gorged on steaks, and left the door open for all the food inside to spoil.
David Lowenthal wrote George Perkins Marsh: Versatile Vermonter (1958).
There is admiration for the best of Southern gentility; the villain is a Vermonter. The book, extraordinarily popular, was followed by sequels and answers and counteranswers before 1860.
I'm a resident Vermonter, and the things highlighted in the article are the kinds of things that are turning Vermont away from the simple dairy-farming state it used to be into one with a high-bureaucracy, anti-business climate.
More precisely, communities along the so-called "Knowledge Corridor,'' running north-south between the Vermont and Connecticut borders, will be able to take advantage of Amtrak's Vermonter passenger rail service beginning Dec.
Amtrak LaHood: Amtrak Vermonter line upgrades boost rail service.
This fundraiser is an opportunity for Americans interested in helping Vermonter's who have been impacted by Irene to purchase handcrafted Vermont-made fine furniture while giving to those the many who have lost everything and are in need of assistance in rebuilding their futures.
"It's a tremendous loss to us all," said Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin, who called Gibson "an extraordinary Vermonter" who as secretary of the Senate served with "extraordinary distinction."