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Commission Chairman Robert Wilson told a hearing at the Vermont Statehouse in Montpelier that the commission recognizes that Vermont is a partner in the compact, and is entitled to disposal space.
Vermont has a very rich history that Vermonters waste no time in celebrating come the Fourth of July.
Its enactment has cost the state about $540 million in retail sales and about 3,000 jobs in just over 40 years, according to a report issued by five Vermont business groups.
The farm, long owned by the Audet family, is sizable for Vermont, with 1,000 Holstein milking cows.
The Vermont convention and competitions will be held at the University of Vermont on October 16, 2004.
R prevailed and a Vermont district court entered judgment for approximately $900,000.
Howard Dean, the former governor of Vermont, is fond of saying he is running for President "from the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party"--a direct quote from the late progressive Senator Paul Wellstone.
While working on last year's elections in Vermont, I lived with state senator Sara Kittell and her family.
Several states are setting up captive insurance domiciles to lure new and old business away from longtime leaders, like Vermont and Hawaii.
sections] 1842) to acquire Vermont Financial Services Corp.
The use of government vouchers to pay for tuition at private religious schools violates the constitutional separation of church and state, a Vermont state court has ruled.
This article describes how the state agencies in Vermont and New Hampshire embraced the concept of streamlining to revitalize their organization and reposition their resources for improved services.
The tiny store, with its wood plank floor and pot-bellied stove, sells bread, beer, beef jerky, locally grown organic tomatoes, People magazine and, on a shelf near the door, beneath the Vermont maple syrup, poetry by Robert Frost.
This is a pear thrips, the insect that took the Northeast by surprise in 1988, defoliating a half-million acres of Vermont sugar maples and nearly three million acres in the northern U.
The Vermont Country Store is partnering with The Vermont Community Foundation to create an innovative model program that will assist VCS employees experiencing disasters and other hardships.