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imberbe #+ Beardless-Tyrannulet Sayornis Black Phoebe PR 2.34 C C nigricans Pyocephalus Vermilion Flycatcher PR 0.38 U U rubinus Myiarchus Ash-throated SR 0.91 U cinerascens Flycatcher Myiarchus Brown-crested SR 2.82 C tyrannulus Flycatcher Pitangus Great Kiskadee PR 1.81 C C sulphuratus Tyrannus Couch's Kingbird SR 1.10 C couchii + Tyrannus Cassin's Kingbird SR 0.19 R vociferans Vireo griseus White-eyed Vireo PR 1.17 C C Vireo bellii Bell's Vireo SR 0.69 U Cyanocorax Green Jay PR 0.29 - R yncas + Corvus sp.
Find me the first vermilion flycatcher sallying out from newly leafed cottonwoods and willows, picking off recently hatched insects, and I will warble with delight: Spring has come once again to the Sonoran Desert.
Their Arizona highlights included a bald eagle, a grey hawk, a white-tailed kite, a burrowing owl, a communal roost of barn owls and a "stunning" vermilion flycatcher, seen at Benson Sewage Ponds.
And while it's unusual to see one of these mainly nocturnal cats, birders are often thrilled to find thick-billed parrots, elegant trogons, golden eagles and vermilion flycatchers in the Sierra Madre.
In the 1800s explorers Jebediah Smith and Kit Carson visited Afton Canyon, a spectacular gorge in California's Mojave Desert near Barstow and stumbled upon an Eden-esque scene: vermilion flycatchers and summer tanagers flitted between robust cottonwoods lining the bank.