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a Roman poet

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The study is divided into eight compact chapters: (1) "Introduction: Dante and Classical Poetry"; (2) "Vergil in the Inferno"; (3) "Lucan and Vergil: Judgment and Poetic Authority in Dis"; (4) "Cato's Grotto"; (5) "Ovid and Vergil in Purgatory"; (6) "Statius"; (7) "Lust, Poetry, and the Earthly Paradise"; and (8) "Paradiso.
Wenn Atherton in seine Ausfuhrungen uber Voss' Leibeigenenidyllen und uber Goethes "Wandrer"-Hymne den Ruckblick auf Vergil einbezieht, so fuhrt dies keine wesentlichen Perspektivenverschiebungen herbei, sondern wirkt in erster Linie umstandlicher als notwendig.
In some places, it is the greatest poetry, but sometimes either Briusov fails or Vergil does or both: the poetry is too complex for an average reader and is very interesting only for an enthusiastic reader.
While the entire experience hasn't been rebuilt around Vergil (the game wouldn't cost $20 if it was), he has a completely different set of moves and weapons.
She proposes to determine where Vergil stands with respect to the aggressively atheistic teachings of the Epicureans, particularly Lucretius.
The Understanding of Humanist Historiography in England as Exemplified by Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester (1390-1447)"; and Frank Rexroth, "Polydor Vergil as Historian and the English Contribution to European Humanism.
True Names: Vergil and the Alexandrian Tradition of Etymological Wordplay.
Heather James subjects this legend to intense scrutiny, beginning with Vergil and proceeding through Ovid, Chaucer, Spenser, and Jonson to five of Shakespeare's plays which make use of the theme--Titus Andronicus, Troilus and Cressida, Antony and Cleopatra, Cymbeline, and The Tempest.
141: [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] `larks and finches sang, the dove moaned', a Source which would naturally be familiar to Vergil.
Writing exactly 100 years ago, Comparetti prefaced his seminal study of Vergil in the Middle Ages with the following words: 'The object of this work is to give a complete history of the medieval conception of Vergil, to follow its various evolutions and vicissitudes, and to determine the nature and causes of these and their connection with the general history of European thought.
Suerbaum elucidates a reference to Vergil in a letter to the abbot of St Gallen by the ninth-century Swabian monk Ermenrich of Ellwangen, c.
One of Broch's later works, Der Tod des Vergil (1945; Death of Virgil, The), presents the last 18 hours of Virgil's life, in which he reflects on his times--an age of transition that Broch considered similar to his own.
With Tate he has memorable conversations about Vergil, and especially the Georgics.
Vergil Hawkins, aged 22, answered the telephone in the office of Johnson's Garage, Maple Creek.
In good epic fashion, Vergil employs similes to describe the fight.